Gift ideas

Four handmade gift ideas

A unique and beautiful way to stash favorite herbs and spices for a wonderful aroma! Round basket 6”W x 6”D x 2.5”H. Cherry wood base and rim at opening. Pewter openwork lid with daffodils, little flowers, and hummingbirds. Opening is 3” in diameter.

Luxurious and soft scarf with beautiful drape and an ever changing interplay of color and pattern. Earthy colors of green, teal and burgundy with golden highlights. Rayon, cotton, and linen. 8”H x 80”W. Five round wood buttons.

Know someone that is sentimental about a favorite sweater or childhood board game? Here’s the opportunity to have it transformed into a functional handbag! This artisan will create a custom piece that is truly one of a kind. Contact us for more information.

The perfect little container for precious keepsakes or favorite jewelry. Round basket 2.5”W x 2.5”D x 2”H (3.75”H with handle raised). Gloss finish on cherry lid and base.

A gift to soothe aches and pains

We all need a little comfort therapy now and then. There is nothing like a good rice pack when that time comes. These versatile little bags of rice and flax can be stored in the freezer so they are ready as an ice pack when needed. They can also be microwaved for a soothing heat pack. Double bagged and sectioned in three compartments for easy, surrounding comfort. Available in two versions – plain rice or herbal relief (rice blended with pain and stress relieving aromatherapy herbs).

Including FREE sustainable gift wrapping

Example of gift wrapping with a card that reads "A gift for you!"

No matter the time of year, NC Handmade always offers free gift wrapping made with sustainable and recyclable or reusable materials. No part of your precious gift will end up in a landfill.