Guest posting on our blog

Posting on the NC Handmade blog

We welcome anyone who is interested in writing a guest post on our blog. We accept non-sponsored content that will be relevant to our shoppers. 

Our content guidelines are the following:

  • Your content must be written with the primary purpose of providing value to our shoppers, not just promoting your business.
  • Your title must be 25–50 characters. 
  • The images you submit must be high quality, and you must have written permission to use copyrighted images.
  • The body text must be 500–1000 words (this is a lot, we know, but search engines like rich-content posts).
  • You must include a clear call to action (links for more information, RSVP, etc.).
  • You must be open to having your content edited to our house style and standards.
  • As part of any cross-promotion agreement, we want to exchange “follow” hyperlinks. “Nofollow” links aren’t beneficial to either party.

Non-compete policy (how we define potential collaborators)

We welcome cross-promotions with companies who aren’t in direct competition with NC Handmade, and we define our competition very narrowly (e-commerce–only websites selling handmade North Carolina crafts). 

You’re not a competitor if you are one of the following:

  • Brick-and-mortar craft stores
  • Craft fairs
  • Gift shops
  • Farmers markets
  • E-commerce websites selling food-related gift baskets

If you own any one of those types of businesses, reach out! We have a “we’re in this together” mentality with our marketing. Our artisans depend on multiple revenue streams, and that means we can better support them by collaborating with other businesses who sell their work. 

If in doubt about your business qualifying for guest-posting, please ask!.

Pitch your guest post to us.