How it works

Why NC Handmade is unique?

NC Handmade is a virtual marketplace where customers and artisans can meet any time, any place. There is no parking, no rain, wind or heat to deal with. There are no crowds to contend with. You can take as much or as little time as you require to make a purchase decision. You can enjoy the experience of visiting many different artisans from various North Carolina locations. As an artisan, you don’t have to set up a booth. You don’t have to load and unload your pieces the day of the event. There are no traveling expenses.

Who are the customers? Why do customers choose NC Handmade?

People with a deep connection to North Carolina. People who have visited and want a remembrance of a special place, current residents, former residents, those buying new homes, those selling old homes to new people, people looking for a gift that represents the spirit and quality of the Old North State! And anyone that loves quality craftsmanship!

Why is NC Handmade excited about these artisans?

Each one of these artisans has a passion for what they do. They love
creating! They enjoy educating us on how their creations are
accomplished. And they want to share their enthusiasm with YOU!

Why you should be excited about these artisans?

Some are hidden treasures, some are world renowned. All have incredible talent!

What types of work are featured?

All handmade crafts are welcomed! These may include accessories, baskets, clothing, fibre art, glass, jewelry, ornaments, pottery, quilting, sewing, weaving… and much more!

What is the satisfaction guarantee?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, simply contact us within 14 days of receiving your order and return it within 30 days of original delivery for a full refund of the purchase price. Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

How is the work shipped?

Most often your order is shipped directly from NC Handmade. Occasionally, due to size or artisan preference, your order may be shipped directly from the artisan’s studio. In either case, we will make sure you are informed of the shipping status throughout the delivery process.

How quickly will I get it?

Orders are shipped within 24–48 hours of receipt via USPS Priority Mail. You will receive a tracking notification if you give us an email address.

Can I have access to customers' email addresses?

Trust is the foundation of our community. And trust is built on consent. When a customer subscribes to our mailing list, they are consenting to receive email from NC Handmade and no other business. There’s no quicker way to lose a customer than to share their personal information without their consent. And, in accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act, we are prohibited from sharing the personal information of our customers. Artisans do have the option of adding a subscribe link to any of our promotions to allow customers to opt-in to their mailing list.

Are you interested in becoming an NC Handmade artisan?