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  • paper pieced stars

    Paper pieced stars

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  • orange suns and hearts

    Orange suns and hearts

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  • lady with a bowl

    Lady with a bowl

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  • Arkansas traveler scrappy quilt

    Arkansas traveler scrappy quilt

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  • african shadows

    African shadows

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  • pretty in pink scrap quilt

    Pretty in pink scrap quilt

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  • African scrap quilt in burgundy

    African scrap quilt in burgundy

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  • African scrap quilt in orange

    African scrap quilt in orange

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  • fiddle no. 52 mermaid

    Fiddle no. 52 mermaid

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  • pocket fiddle no. 4

    Pocket or pochette fiddle no. 4

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  • cello 40

    Cello no. 40

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  • viola 51

    Viola no. 51

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  • fiddle 69 special scroll

    Fiddle no. 69 special scroll

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  • fiddle 72 5-string

    Fiddle no. 72 5-string

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  • fiddle 36 5-string

    Fiddle no. 36 5-string

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  • fiddle no. 59 ol goat

    Fiddle no. 59 ol’ goat

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Meet some of our artisans.

Our state has a long history of fine artisans providing beautiful and functional pieces for all to use, cherish, and enjoy. That continues today. NC Handmade provides a place for artisan and patron to meet and share their joy and appreciation for fine quality, handmade North Carolina crafts. Please browse through our marketplace, and enjoy getting to know our artisans.

marilyn gore

Marilyn Yvonne Gore

Charlotte quilter Marilyn Yvonne Gore is dedicated to the art and preservation of quilts that represent African American culture and history.

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Cindy Long at her weaving loom

Cindy Long

This weaver from High Country creates unique woven pieces with the yarns coming from mills in the Carolinas.

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Frumet Raskin-Miller

This potter from Durham gets fired up making work for food-lovers and fiber artists — all out of her small home studio, her “garagio.”

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Recent blog posts

reception table

Julia “Julie” Ottesen

Julia (Julie) Ottesen July 31, 1931 – October 9, 2021 It is with deep sadness and profound respect that we acknowledge the passing of Julia

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Becoming an NC Handmade artisan

We charge a monthly administrative fee of $10 (currently waived for new artisans for the first six months) and a commission fee at the following levels:

  • 25% commission fee per item sold at $500 or less
  • 20% commission fee per item sold for more than $500

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