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Sheridan Watkins


Sheridan Watkins

Shairpins, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Think about your most lightweight pair of earrings…these are probably lighter than that! All earrings are made from repurposed fabric and crafted into unorthodox floral shapes, patterns and colors!

Each pair features fun textiles and incorporates wire, resin and a beaded center! You will get questions about where you got your earrings so be prepared :

They feature surgical steel ear posts. These handmade pieces may feature slight imperfections, variations or inconsistencies that in no way affect their functionality.

Maybe you’d like a smaller or bigger size or something created from a favorite shirt or dress.  Custom orders available. Please contact us for more information.

Featured products

  • Afrocentric textile stud earrings

    Multicolored/Afrocentric textile stud earrings

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  • purple marble textile stud earrings

    Purple marble textile stud earrings

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  • gingham post earrings

    Gingham pink, red and white stud earrings

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  • kente textile stud earrings

    Kente textile stud earrings

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  • teal silk stud spiral dangles

    Teal silk stud spiral dangles

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  • cork dangle earrings

    Cork textile dangle earrings

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About Sheridan Watkins

Sheridan says, “Growing up, I’ve always strived to be different. Not to bring attention to myself but to create my own identity that wasn’t defined by anyone else. This worked for and against me. I can remember starting some trends, but I also remember wishing the day would speed up so I could get home because my outfit choice was not a hit with peers that day.

And then you grow up and don’t even realize the emotional baggage you’ve carried with you into adulthood. I found myself censoring parts of me in fear of what others thought. And I didn’t like that…So I went back to what lit me up as an adolescent…creating something different.

Now I create jewelry that gives  you a way to express yourself. So keep shining because you can only be who you are!”

In a world where we may feel like we don’t have control, hold onto the fact that you actually do.