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Tish McDermott

Tish McDermott

Just A Tish Designs, Apex, North Carolina

Jewelry artist, dreamer, believer in the goodness of mankind, and a bit of a throttle junkie!

Handmade jewelry using the metaphysical properties of the stones that not only accent your wardrobe, but also enhance your soul!! 

All of her other creations come directly from her heart in hopes they touch yours as well. Celebrate yourself or someone else with healing jewelry or awesome, reused organic tie-dye creations and other gift ideas made with love!

Don’t see what you want? Contact us, and let’s work up a custom order for you!

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About Tish McDermott

Handmade jewelry, tie dye, crochet, spirituality and more!

Artist, Dreamer, Believer, Hippie, Good Vibes Dealer

Hey there! My name is Tish McDermott, and I LOVE to create!! I express my creativity through handmade jewelry and fiber art.

I like to think of each jewelry creation as a spiritual offering from the earth. Rich metals and minerals, whose vital properties strung together secure us to sacred origins and lift us to consecrated heights. Each piece is born from imaginative choices in texture, color, composition and shape, never intended to be duplicated, a one of a kind piece of wearable art. The properties of each stone are incorporated into a process of emotional expression, an extension of subconscious perception and inspiration forged into the final statement.

My tie-dye is made using professional dyes with a focus on natural fibers. The professional dyes ensure the item stays a beautiful vibrant color for years, through several washings as long as it is cared for properly. We don’t want fading, do we? We want bold, exciting color because the world needs more color!

I offer the standard tie-dyed items, t-shirts, totes, fabric, hats; but take it a bit further. I also buy gently used clothing, men, women’s and children’s and dye them as well. This is my recycling commitment to reduce manufacturing and waste. After all, tie-dying is not just for t-shirts!

Bottom line: if it is a natural fiber, and I can get a rubber band around it – I’m gonna tie-dye it!

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Tish McDermott
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